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Ceycarb offers wide range of  products for different applications during the various stages of the production processes such as

  • Decolourization
  • Deodourization
  • Elimination of contaminants
  • Dechlorination
  • Deozonization

Some of the specific uses of these products are;

  • Decolourise  sugar syrups, dextrose, fructose and other food products.
  • Decafenation of coffee and tea
  • Harmful compound removal from edible oils
  • Dechlorination and deozonization processes in soft drinks and beer industries
  • Decolourization and deodourization of glycerin
  • Remove unwanted taste and deodourization and/or decolourization of beverages such as: wine, beer, vodka etc.

In Gold and Silver recovery processes, over 95% of the course carbon in service is steam activated coconut base carbon.     

Ceycarb offers specially manufactured steam activated coconut shell base carbon grades which is manufactured using high quality charcoal by which produced from advanced high tech gasifier systems.

Its highly porous, has very large area and specific adsorption properties towards gold and silver. Its very high hardness gives low losses during metal recovery and makes it suitable for multi regeneration. High gold adsorption capacity , gold adsorption rate , attrition resistance, low platelet content, strict size distribution and desorption ability  in an elution circuit of these products give lots of advantages in precious metal recovery processes.   

For the purification of air and gases we mostly use extruded (pressed pellets) or coarse-grained (granular) activated carbon. Typical applications for gases and air are:


Ground Air

Dump gas / Bio gas

Solvent Recovery

Treating flue gas   / Incinerator fumes

Removing of odours emitted from waste water and sewage treatment plants

In the oil gas industry, activated carbon grades are widely used for different applications. In gas scrubbers purifying of gas treatment liquids such as Benfield solution, MEA etc, in hydrocarbon removing purposes catalytic extraction of mercaptans , in waste water treatment polishing purposes, in vapor recovery processes  for recovery of gasoline etc and removal of organic compounds, and iron particles  in steam condensates  in refineries, are some of  main activated carbon applications in oil and gas industry.

Ceycarb offers different grades of  special activated carbon products for  removing targeted compounds such as VOC , Sulfur oxides , Nitrogen oxides , BTX , phenols, heavy metals, oil and gas mixtures etc, in efficiently and cost – effectively.

With emerging and increasingly stringent water regulations, as well as improved analytical methods for detecting waterborne contaminants at lower concentration levels, municipal water providers are facing escalating challenges to meet water quality standards. Among all of these, heightened public awareness of water quality issues will be one of the main stressors initiating change.

At Ceycarb, we pledge to work with our customers and partners in the drinking water industry to meet these emerging challenges. Whether it's improving the aesthetics of drinking water or complying with new regulatory limits, Ceycarb has a solution for you.