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Ceycarb products purify  air which offer outstanding particle, odor and chemical removal. VOC's (volatile organic compounds), smog, ozone, fumes from cooking, pets, or tobacco can be unhealthy or irritating for anyone not just allergenics and asthmatics. Moreover, these  products make sense to get some that can absorb practically everything.

In these process components such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Mercaptan, ammonia etc. have to be removed. Ceycarb offers different types  of product  to address specific problems.


Incineration method is widely used for eliminating of sewage sludge and house hold waste. During the process it eliminates toxic products like dioxins , furans heavy metals like mercury and eco toxic organic components like PCB’s granular activated carbon for fixed bed filters.

Ceycarb offers wide range of and powered activated carbon for direct dosing systems.

ypically, H2S, Methane and Siloxanes   are available in bio gas. Where as in natural gas Methane availability is more than 85%

 As H2S is corrosive it is essential to remove this gas before the uses in the plant.


Huge return through a very small investment without treating the gases corrosion is high. Replacement and plant shut down costs and also possible risks associated  with the uses of these gases can be eliminated by special activated carbon.



Ceycarb offers wide range of activated carbon products for industries which emits solvents and VOCs. Since this wide range of products can effectively adsorb.

  • Keytones
  • Hydrocarbons like xylene toluene etc
  • Estors   (acetates etc)
  • Alcohol  ( methonal , ethanol , butanal etc)
  • Ethers – oxides

These products are used in solvent processing industry , dry cleaning shops and paints shops , petroleum industry pharmaceutical industry etc with economical and ecological aspets.

The main application of this is exhaust air treatment and solvent recovery by using activated carbon adsorbers. Adsorbers or solvent recovery systems are used.

Ceycarb design and install mobile units and provide consulting service where required.